Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pot painting, Nov.13

Idea is to let children use on these pots whatever they are comfortable with - crayon, water-colour or paint and brush. For the benefit of parents who may want to buy paints for their kids I asked Sahasra's mom Poornima to find out, from her neighbourhood hardware shop at Adyar, information on suitable paint that can be used on cement pots. And here is Poornima's feedback:
"We can use on cement the paint we use on wood. The shop guy, who stocked Asian Paint, says it works on concrete pot such as the one in our photo.Hardware shops have tins for painting concrete surface.
Size: Minimum available size is 50 ml. We can also get 200 or 400 ml tins.
Colours:Red,green,black, white, yellow, brown etc.
Cost : Rs.22 for 50ml tin; the 200 ml ones are Rs.60 a tin.
One-inch brush costs Rs.40; and a two-inch one, Rs.85.
Pot painting event is scheduled at Mantri Synergy for Sunday, Nov.13, at 7.45 a m. When children can be asked to plant a sapling to mark the occasion.
We don't know if PropCare would chip in, but participants would be well advised to bring their colouring materials,and mats.

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