Friday, November 18, 2011

Case for an aquarium at the Club house

My wife Kalyani and I read with interest the initiatives on having the plant pots painted. Color, indeed, brings a lot of positive energy to our day-to-day life.
Thinking of color and its positive impact on energy also set me thinking on one more possible initiative – setting up an aquarium in our club house.
This popular hobby has a number of benefits tagged with it. These benefits go way beyond aesthetic appeal. Even Vaastu and Fengshui advocate having an aquarium in home and office interiors. For one, it brings in water, one of the five elements of earth and creates tranquility and harmony by generating positive energy. Next it has a cooling and soothing effect.
The gentle, graceful movement of fish rinses the tension and stress. The colors and buoyancy of life in an aquarium adds spice and zest to life.
It works great in de-stressing lives of both young and the old. While the therapeutic effects on seniors are well documented,scientific studies have also established the positive impact of aquariums on the academic performance of students and their behavioral traits. As for the tiny tots, the fish captivate their fantasy and fire their imagination.
While a home aquarium would be ideal, space constraints and maintenance hassles act as a deterrent for many of us. This is why a "community aquarium" at our club-house could be a great idea to enhance the quality of life for all MS-ites!
I would not be surprised if an aquarium placed in our club-house would attract more attention than a state-of-the-art plasma TV!
Where there is a gill… there is a way…

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  1. I can't agree with Kalyani and you more on what a spot colours all around us can do to our feel-good spirits. And it is fun watching children doing their things with a brush and paint.I wish such sight becomes a regular Sunday morning community feature. We still have lots of pots to be painted.
    As for the fish tank in the clubhouse idea, if enough of us will it, we can find a way. At D block we are close to finding a way, to set up a fish tank at D block ground-floor lobby. An expert has been identified. And he has offered to build, set-up, populate (with five sets of fish), feed, and maintain the tank for Rs.7,000. So far,four of us have volunteered to share the expenses. If more residents come forward, it would bring down individual contributions.