Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pot-painters at work

It was a bright and sunny Sunday morning, and children at Mantri Synergy took to pot-painting on our driveway.
The row of pots waiting for artists to work them ;and this(photo below) was how they looked when the budding young painters were done for the day.
Going by their mood my sense is that the children, having bitten by the pot-painting bug, don't feel they are done with pots. Some of them moved from one pot to another with their brush and paint. Mercifully, we still have lots more pots waiting for painters.
Aadya and Nitya were the first to turn up. They helped us plant a neem sapling near the 'Wishing Well'. Planting a sapling and pot-painting was how some of us at the Mantri's wanted to celebrate Children's Day. The turnout at today's do was modest, but the children who turned up made our day with their enthusiasm and effortless way with colours.
We expect them to take this up as an outdoor activity in the coming weekends and holidays; and we count on moms to encourage their kids. They have nothing to lose other than an extra bit of Tide, Surf Excel or whatever they use for washing child clothes.
Considering that she has been a water-clour baby, and that she had not done oil ever before Aadya's use of brush and her way with colours surprised her mom.
Smrithi is apparently distracted while at work.
No, she hasn't abandoned her pot. Artist Nitya is merely away on water-break.
Praveen's house in the wood is taking shape
Artist Sahasra isn't quite finished yet with her pot.
Many more photos on pot-painting by Mantri's children have been uploaded on OMR Resident page on Facebook.

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