Saturday, November 26, 2011

Intercom (non)system

"Internal connectivity, to various people and services inside our complex is of paramount importance. BSNL, the official telecommunication provider, has failed miserably",says Mr A Rajgopaul of H block in the CommonFloor discussion forum.
The points he makes merit wider attention, notably, of PropCare and higher Mantri Management. And they don't have access to Mantri CommonFloor forum, which is restricted only to apartment owners.
The operative part of Mr Rajgopaul's CommonFloor post is reproduced here.

None of the emergency phones inside the lifts have been installed.
Recently,I had to go down to the basement of my building at 6-00 am.I live in the 11th floor; a senior citizen with a pair of arthritic knees to boot!. Both the lifts were not working, and I could not contact any one of the services. I climbed down all the 11 floors, only to find that there was no security personnel manning the foyer. If I had got stuck inside a lift, I would not have been in a position to do anything to extricate myself.
This can happen to a child travelling alone in a lift.
Phones inside the lifts must be provided forthwith.

The so called treated potable water provided by Mantri synergy,has a TDS (total dissolved salts) content of 740.
Permissible limit is 400 and less.Ideal count should be less than 100.
The only way to get this figure is to use a RO system in every house hold. If we install such a system like like -say- Kent;, we will have to waste 6 litres of water, literally down the drain to get 1 litre of potable water. Multiply this by 700 flats and you have a clear idea of water wasted.

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  1. This water issue highlited is really a serious concern - hope the Mantri folks review this and fix this quickly