Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A parenting blog

Going through this parenting blog I thought of Ramkumar, Pravin,Deepak, Saravanan, Rajesh,  Sairam, and of several other Mantri residents  I haven't met. So decided to post a brief note here.
Amelio, a service sector company, is focused on running child daycare centres on campuses of companies for the benefit of young working mothers on their staff. The childcare people are also into running playschools. I learnt about Amelio through a leaflet handed out along with my morning newspaper the other day. The leaflet was about a playschool they have started at Hiranandani's.
What I found, of wider interest, in Amelio, was their blog pertaining to parenting. It talks of  communicating with your child,  siblings rivalry, developing self-confidence in your child, and potty training.
Their post on potty training gives a pretext to plug in my take (a grandpa's) on getting a child to give up diapers.

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