Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A well story

Our family friend and short story writer Lakshmi Ramanan says she recently had to go round her Alwarpet neighbourhood for no less than a week before she could spot a well,the place they draw water from. Her US-based grandson Mihir,5, on a visit to India, had this school project to be done during India trip. His class teacher wanted Mihir to bring back to school a photo showing him standing beside a well.
Mrs Ramanan phoned up friends to find out if they knew anyone who knew of someone who might lead them to a well in Chennai city. It turned out to be bit of tall order, considering that her search continued for a week before they located a well. On completion of her mission Mr Ramanan said,"we got a closed well that was looking like a small wall". But then, it was an experience, which, I am sure, would provide her with material for a short story. Lakshmi Ramanan is a familiar name for readers of Mangayar Malar and some other publications.
I wish Mrs Ramanan had thought of us during her search. Mihir would have found his well right here at Mantri Synergy (see photo).
For more images of Mantri's 'Wishing Well' look up OMR Resident on Facebook.

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