Friday, November 11, 2011

Our attempt: A drive-thru gallery of child art

We could do with such artwork on the row of pots along the Mantri driveway. The sample at the photo is done by three-year old Samarth.
When the children are done with these pots we would have a drive-thru gallery of children's artwork at the Mantri synergy. Propcare plans to paint the pots with a base colour (say, mellow yellow) to serve as background for the artwork to be done by Mantri's childern over the weekend.
The plan is to make a start on Sunday (Nov.13), weather permitting. This is our way of celebrating the Children Day at Mantri Synergy. Idea is to designate a pot for each child to work on. The children can paint their fancy on the pots, at their own pace. They can work on their art over a period, taking as many days as they please. I don't suppose we would run out of pots at Mantri's for children to paint anytime soon.
Children's pot painting
Sunday, Nov.13
7.45 a m - tree-planting by participant children (on the lawns around the well close to E block)
8.00 a m - pots painting
Mantri Synergy driveway.

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