Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mantri T-shirt, an idea

Vincent D'Souza's blog post and Sunil's suggestion for a Mantri synergy slogan set us thinking, 'how about T-shirts designed by, and for Mantri's residents community'. How about it ?
My friend Mr D'Souza has invited doodlers, kolam artists and design/fashion students to design a T-shirt reflecting the spirit of Mylapore. Sunil's blog post suggests we at Mantri residents community adopt a slogan - Live the Snergy, Life in Synergy, Just(about)the Best, Be part of life in Synergy and 7 other slogans.
Sunil's slogan, along with a collage of artwork on our driveway pots, would go well on a T-shirt.
What do you say ?


  1. Good idea really. You could even gift these Tees to your guests.

  2. i think this is a good idea. its best sometimes to let kids design the cheap tee shirts and make their imagination skills more productive.