Monday, November 14, 2011

Phone-in shopping at Mantri's store

Since our last post on the clubhouse store Jayamanagala super mart has now got a phone connection - 9566214747. They offer to home-deliver your orders. And they have started stocking vegetables, egg and bread. Couldn't find any fruits, though, on my last visit to the shop a couple of days back.
The shop in-charge Mr Mohan said they could get us most items that have a niche market, if we give them adequate notice.I asked if they stocked 'Rasiklal' supari. They don't, but they could get it for us.I get my supari packets from Adyar or Velacherry.'Pori-kadalai' is another item I wish they stocked. A small bowl of pori-kadalai goes well with evening coffee.
The shop-owner promises quality product at reasonable rates. I wish our store doesn't bill us at rates generally charged by branded retailers. They go by MRP, while there is a Rs.20 difference between MRP and wholesale prices in respect of many varieties rice, oil and pulse. I am not saying this;merely citing a shop-owner in Adyar who says this in the media.

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