Monday, January 2, 2012

The party spirit

This would be the shot (a shaky one), If I were to pick from my party album a single photo that represents the spirit of of Mantri's New Year Day party,2012. It was refreshing to see Mr Ranga joining the children at a bhangra. Till that moment my sense of the man,judging from his mail in CommonFloor and the remarks he made at a recent Mantri residents meeting, was that of a serious, sober person. Mr Ranga's 'performance' at the party altered my perception .
My regret was, that foot-tapping Nagada number from Jab We Met wasn't played long enough to attract others in the party hall to join Mr Ranga on the dance floor. Anyway, point is I 're-discovered' Mr Ranga last night.
I wish we have more such gatherings that help us 'discover' one another, strengthen community spirit, and further the quality of life at Mantri Synergy. Mr Ujjal Mukherjee, who played Santa the other day, adopted a new avatar as the master of ceremonies at the Sunday party.
We have just one chair to go between these two ladies. And the assembled menfolk, far from being 'chivalrous' enough to bring them another chair, thoroughly enjoyed the proceedings. The men included the husband of the lady in black, and brother-in-law of the other.
That the winner is wife of the master of ceremonies had little to do with the outcome of the game of musical chair.I have the assurance of Mr Ujjal Mukherjee that the match here wasn't fixed. And my wife told me to banish the very thought. And I know of no man who,in his right mind, would disagree with what his wife tells him.
The smile on these young faces made the day for many parents who showed up at the New Year party. And for making this possible, they should thank 'Mantri's youth brigade' - Bala, Santhosh and his younger brother (whom I usually mistake for Santhosh) - that took charge of conducting children's games. Mr Sunil held the remote that turned the music off, on, and off during the games. Earlier, Mr Sairam, with his wife, handed out glasses of coke and orange to all comers by way of welcome drinks.
As we dispersed I heard Mr Krishna say the Mantri family would meet again, for Pongal.
More photos of New Year party on our Facebook page - OMR Resident.


  1. The party came out to be a dazzling night ! we planning again for pongal...lets make this much better and i wish everyone to come out with lots of ideas .....cheers

  2. That is the spirit, Sunil. Maybe, we try pot lunch. It could be a 'Pongal brunch' on Pongal day. Families could bring their home-made pongal, and make a picnic of it. I am suggesting 'brunch' - pongal,vada only, around 10 a m or later - because many families would prefer to have their lunch at home on festival days.