Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Let's put it on YouTube

We didn't cover ourselves with glory at a meeting of Mantri apartment owners on Christmas Day. Shouts,counter-shouting, and a penchant for over-staying their welcome, on the part of those who grabbed the floor characterized much of the proceedings. It is nobody's case that the voice of dissent should go unheard. What we witnessed on Sunday was nothing short of a highjack of the proceedings, reducing the organising committee to be mute spectators.
At one stage we heard someone from the back singing out, 'we are not in parliament'. This brought us all to our senses, brought down tempers,and generally lowered the decibel level in the hall. If I had iPhone, I would not have been able to resist the temptation to video the proceedings for upload in YouTube.
Someone ought to do this the next time. Hopefullly, this would have a moderating effect on the way we conduct our business. Maybe no other residents association has done this - YouTube proceedings.Can anyone come up with a reason why we shouldn't give it a shot at Mantri's ? To ensure orderly proceedings, and in the interest of transparency. Non-resident apartment owners might welcome such move;it would enable them to keep track of developments at Mantri Synergy meetings.