Sunday, December 11, 2011

The morning after the eclipse

On a closer look at the western sky the morning after lunar eclipse we saw a hazy moon, from our 9th floor corridor in D block. Before I could get down to the driveway for another shot the moon disappeared behind a passing cloud.
All I could capture was a lone crow sitting on a overhead cable that runs across the road in front of Mantri Synergy.
Meanwhile, the eastern horizon a rising sun puts in the shade a multi-floor residential complex coming up at Mantri's backyard.
Elsewhare on the skyline we saw a formation flight of birds setting out in search of worms towards Siruseri and beyond on OMR.
More photos on OMR Resident Facebook.

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  1. Very nice shots of sunrise. We had a very good view from our balcony of the eclipse. Before returning to its cool silver colour, it was a fiery red for a long time.