Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Padur to wherever

There is a website that can tell you how to get from Mantri Synergy, (or wherever you are) to wherever you want to go, by road, rail, air, and ferry (if there is an option).
I tried Padur to Pudukottai. Pat came the web-page showing the air route to Trichy, from where you take to road. The trip takes 3 hrs.33 mins; produces 0.065 tonnes CO2e per passenger(if you are environment sensitive). If you do the trip by train/car, it takes nearly eight hours, and causes 0.26 tonne carbon emission. And going the whole way by car would mean 0.067 tonne emission, driving 375.9 km for 6 hrs.15 mins.
Website: Rome2Rio
Info. sourced from Mr Natarajan's 'Natpedia'

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