Sunday, December 18, 2011

A beach walk,at Kovalam

Mr Ardendhu Chakarborti of F block, and Mr Vasudevan (B block), regulars at our morning walk around Mantri Synergy, were missing this Sunday morning. When I met him later in the day Mr Chakraborti said they went to Kovalam, for a change.
Both of them left home 6 a m on Mr Vesudevan's two-wheeler. It was a 10-minute drive to Kovalam. "We took a walk along the beach for nearly an hour," said Mr Chakaraborti. They loved it, and plan to do the Kovalam walk every Sunday.
I guess some of us, who are morning walk regulars at Mantri's, would also like to do Sunday walks, if only we can car-pool to Kovalam and back. My wife and I are ready, but we don't have a car.

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