Friday, December 9, 2011

Mantri Synergy Project Status - Updated 09 Dec 2011

This is the correct status of the Mantri Synergy Project Status as of 09 December 2011

Total Number of Apartments in Synergy : 765
Number of Apartments Sold as of date : 740
Number of Apartments unsold as of date : 25
Number of Apartments handed-over : 398
Number of Apartments Occupied by Owners : 100
Number of Apartments Occupied by Tenants : 22.
(T0tal occupied = 122)
Approximate date of Completion of Major Works/Decomissioning : Major works completed, house keeping, cleaning and services related work will be completed by end of Jan’11.

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  1. Would be nice if we have such status report published monthly, say the first of every month.