Sunday, December 11, 2011

A meeting that wasn't

A meeting convened for founding of the Mantri Synergy residents (owners) association at the Clubhouse this morning (Dec.11) had to be adjourned without transacting business for lack of quorum. Mr P K Nair (D block) who presided, announced the legal requirement for such meeting,when held the first time,was 198 members. We were 131 at today's meeting.
However, there is no such legal binding at our next meeting of apartment owners , to be convened not earlier than a week from today - 'even a turnout of two would do then'.
Mr Nair announced the constituent meeting of Mantri Synergy apartment owners would be reconvened Sunday next (Dec.17), the same time (11 a m). More photos of 'the meeting that wasn't', on Facebook, OMR Resident page.

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