Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our in-house concert musician

Among those who moved in at Mantri Synergy recently is Mr Kasi Viswanthan (C-804), a carnatic musician and veteran of over 500 concerts. Proficient in music Mr Viswanthan is a lawyer by profession.Law and music made strange chemistry,if at all,I thought. Not so, counters Mr Viswanathan who has struck a synergy between legal practice and his passion for music. His concert singing opened for him many doors that helped his career in law, particularly, in early stages in life. Mr Viswanathan, mentored by Kalakkad Narayana Iyer gave his first concert at the age of nine. Now, at 72, he is still up and singing .
Kasi Viswanathan has an hour long concert (3-4 p m) scheduled for New Year Day (tomorrow) at Vishranti Bhavan, a home for the aged and destitute women at Palavakkam on ECR. Music lovers at Mantri's are welcome, says Mr Viswanathan. He will be accompanied on violin by Hariharan, and on mridangam, by Kalakkad Sreenivasan.
I wish this time next year we organize Mr Viswanthan's concert at Mantri's, at which elderly and destitute inmates at the ashram can be our guests, for lunch and concert music at the clubhouse on New Year Day,2013.
Mantri apartment owners association can make this happen.Mr Viswanthan loaned me an audio disc containing a selection from his renderings. For a nit-wit in carnatic music, such as yours truly, my favorite numbers in the disc included Santhi Nilava Vendum and Parukkle Nalla Nadu. If Mantri residents association were to set up a video library at the clubhouse, Mr Viswanathan can be persuaded to gift this and some other discs as well.
There are residents who would like their children to learn music. Mr Viswanathan says he would be happy to teach. We could also do with volunteers who can initiate Mantri's children in Hindustani music, Tagore sangeet, bhajans and ghazal (my favourite).
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