Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lift breakdown: poser to PropCare

1. When are you going to install the intercoms in the lifts?
2. When non-sleeping, non-wandering, non-songs listening security guards are going to be posted in EACH BLOCK SEPARATELY on duty?
3. When are you going to hire an on-site lift technician EXCLUSIVELY for Mantri's rather than sharing one person with a number of other complexes?

These Qs were posed in an e-mail from Mr Ramkumar (H block) following yet another incident in which a lift in motion came to abrupt halt, mid-floor, with someone stuck inside. The man was on way to the airport.
Mr Ramkumar refers to an incident that happened at 6 a m. It is usually around this time that power supply goes off, almost daily. We have had our lift 'misbehaving' at other times as well, some times late at night.
The H-block resident refers to (6.00-6.30 a m) a timeline when there is noticeable slackening of security arrangement.This has to do,I guess, with a shift-change. The last time we raised this matter with PropCare we were told:
1) Security person will be in place near the lift in every block; and he would be instructed to check out, as a matter of routine, if anyone is stuck in the lift whenever there is a power shutdown.(As I typed this post, around 8 15 this morning, we had power supply on off-on mode frequently - went off-on some 5 or 6 times within as many minutes).
2)Internal phone would be in place in all lifts within a couple of weeks (this was a week back, I guess).
3)The intercom speaker connecting the lift with the security desk at the lobby of each block remains very much a work in progress.

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