Tuesday, December 20, 2011

For young parents

At Mantri's we have many families with young children. And rivalry among kids in a family isn't uncommon.What every parent would want to know is how she/he can bring about harmony among siblings. An article I read speaks of five steps.
1) Set ground rules. Your children need to know that you won't stand for bad language, name-calling, shouting or door-slamming. Ask them what they think the rules should be,as well as suitable consequences for breaking them. This teaches children that they're responsible for their own actions.
2) Create situations where your children could get along.The strongest sibling relationships are associated with siblings who spend meaningful time together in the company of one or both parents....you need to have fun together as a family and this can involve something as simple as a game of Snakes and Ladders.
3) There are times when you should step back and let your children nurture each other...allow space for them to have a kind of give-and-take... when a younger sibling falls over and hurts herself,ask her big sister if she can give her a cuddle and make her feel better.
4) Take a step back when your children are arguing. If someone is telling tales,explain that you do not want to listen. This will encourage your children to find their own solutions.
5) Treat your children as individuals... give them one-to-one attention that suits their interests and needs....
Source : How parents can encourage sibling harmony.

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