Friday, December 23, 2011

Talking music on morning walk

Now that Marghazhi music season is in full swing, our conversation with Mr Sampath Iyengar during morning walk at Mantri's centres on music. Mr Iyengar who shares his time between Kodambakkam and Mantri's (with his son Mr Sriraj) is a music lover who has been tracking concerts of vidhwan's and upcoming carnatic musicians for decades. He can recall notable concerts he has attended; can share interesting tidbits on music sabha programes.
Brought up in 'music sabha culture' Mr Iyengar has much to share by way of incidents and anecdotes relating to carnatic legends and music sabhas. Mr Sampath Iyengar belongs to a family that has had close connection with jambhavans of carnatic music. His father Krishnaswamy was a donor member of the Music Academy.
My wife and I run into Mr Iyengar on our morning walk, but we 'discovered' his expertise in the area of carnatic music only after his son Mr Sriraj (D-1202) organised a DVD music evening at the clubhouse TV Room. We have not had such an event since September. Now we have at Mantri's several other residents with flair for music.
Isn't is time we revived the DVD music evening at the clubhouse, at least once a month, if not every other week ? Such periodical gatherings can pave the way for forming a music appreciation club. We can draw up plans for sharing DVDs among residents, and also to set up a Video-library at Mantri clubhouse.

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