Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rice water remedy, from 'Natpedia'

This post is sourced to my Mantri neighbour in F block, Mr G Natarajan, who shares e-messages with contacts from his SBI days. He calls them 'the gang', which is involved in cyber activity of,not hacking but, the sharing kind. Moving to Mantri Synergy after retirement from the State Bank of Inda, Mr Natarajan included me in his cyber gang. I call it 'Natpedia'(like 'Wikipedia').
A recent mail from Mr Natarajan pertained to grandma's cure for diarrhoea.Here it is:
Boil a handful of rice in a saucepan with lots of water - four large glasses.
Drink the rice water, after cooling.
The patient is advised not to take in cooked rice - it stays in the stomach - nor the broth - some of it might get into small intestine.Only rice water works; it must be taken in sufficient quantity for it to line your guts, from throat downwards, all 10 to 12 metres of it.

For research reference, read Diarrhoea and child growth
Those who wish to join Natarajan's 'gang' could e-mail -
Caution: Not all 'Natpedia' mail would interest every recipient. And on some days your Inbox could develop 'Natpedia' diarrhoea, of the verbal kind. I wish those who send group mail - I am one of them - would split their contacts into sub-groups in accordance with their area of interests. So that members in a given group are not inflicted with too much deletables.

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