Friday, December 30, 2011

Parents involvement in schools

A group of about 30 parents started spending nearly two hours every Thursday night at a PTA School Smarts Parent Academy...The program focuses on teaching parents how to be involved in their children's schooling, something consistently found to be one of the most important factors in a child's academic success regardless of family income or background.
When parents are so involved, they stay on top of their child's education....pick up new skills, get to understand school functioning.

This is from an article relating to elementary schools in the US. Their experiment covered schools where parents of children come from varied economic background.
At Mantri's we could create a parents' group to engage with schools and teachers of their children. With available web networking technology , such as class blogs, we could tailor our own programme to promote parents involvement with schools of their children. I know of a few Mantri residents who, I believe, have the kind of resources and inclination that would help us mobilise Mantri residents to take forward the idea of parents involvement in schools such as Gateway International and Padma Seshadri on OMR.
Would want to mention in this regard Mr Atul Joshi (D block), who wants to initiate in school teaching of Vedic maths; and Mrs Revathi (E block) who would be happy to teach the subject to interested students. And then we have Ms Latha (D block) who can give us her perspective as teacher at a school on OMR.

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