Friday, December 9, 2011

V Channel at the gym

I don't suppose one can have anything against people playing MTV, V Channel, or what-have-you in the gym, if everyone is okay with it. We have two TV sets in the clubhouse gym. I am not sure why they have set up TV in the gym. It can be a distraction. Whoever has the remote tends to choose the channel.Besides,there are some who prefer their own choice of music, recorded in an MP3 device wired to ear-plugs. Admittedly, listening to music during a workout minimises monotony and keeps your mind off the drudgery. Busy executives use their time at the gym to take in an audio talk or presentation.
This morning I couldn't listen to Mehdi Hasan on my MP3, as TV at the gym was on, blaring out V Channel music. I wish I had tried to enjoy pop for a change,instead of sulking I couldn't listen to ghazals in my MP3. I ended up having a needless argument with a youngster over the need to observe certain norms in a common area used by different sorts of people. My sense is, in a common space frequented by all sorts, one should refrain from doing anything that could disturb any other person using the gym. I wanted the man with the remote to switch off TV.
His point was, if I didn't care for their music,I could have plugged in my MP3 player to listen to my choice. And as a favour to me, he offered to lower the volume on TV. In his reckoning I was not being reasonable in expecting him to switch off the TV.
Of the five persons at the gym this morning, I was, perhaps, the only one who cribbed about MTV music on TV being a distraction. All four youngsters in the hall seemed to relish TV. As my young friend handling the TV remote put it,listening to music was a group activity. And they were at the gym as a group. I was the odd man out.

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