Thursday, December 8, 2011

Service on-call

They claim to have a one-call solution to all your worries over appliances- repair, upkeep, exchange old for new, acquire and discard. Calling their toll-free number - 1800 200 2000 - I got Mr Ramakrishnan of 'customer care' on line to explain how they work. In response to his query about my requirement I listed the following:
1)Need a service engineer to fix problems that crop up in my lap top, fridge, washing machine, or whatever;
2)A buyer for an inverter I don't use; a DVD player that doesn't work; a VCD player for which I couldn't find a taker.
Mr Ramakrishnan said 1-call can handle this and more.If I wanted to buy something - a cell phone or camera - they would identify for me the shop where I get the best bargain.
I-call levy Rs.100 as service charge for a call.If I call them five times for varied services in the month, I end up paying Rs.500 to i-call. Mr Ramakrishnan suggests annual membership for Rs.1,000, which enables a customer to seek their services any number of times during the year. He mentioned that two Mantri residents have already gone in for annual membership.
Calling time: 6 a m to 9 p m; holidays - 9 a m to 6 p m.
Access OneCallIndia and go online, anytime, with your request;and they promise to call back within 24 hours.
Contact details: One Call India Concierge Services Pvt. Ltd., GF-06 A-South Block,Tidel Park #4, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Taramani, Chennai-600 113.
Phone: 044 - 39157325 / 26;Toll free: 1800 200 2000

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  1. I could dispose of my unused Inverter with One-Call help. Their rep. brought a dealer in inverters all the way from Royapettah (to Mantri's at Kelambakkam) to negotiate the price. That I didn't get the price I had expected is quite another matter.