Sunday, January 1, 2012

A mail to Mantri family

Dear All,
While the legal formalities for registering our association and electing a formal association will takes its own time, we cannot afford to waste our time since the first year is very important to gets defects rectified by MDPL. Hence, the present association should concentrate on following things.
1.Prepare a pending works list (work to be done by Mantri) and take it-up in the monthly/fortnight meetings with MDPL. Some of them are:
- Tile works near the parking/drive area near A/B/C blocks& club house are not yet done.
- For around 365 flats MDPL has not issued possession letter. It is observed that MDPL is completing flats only for which owners are following-up/chasing regularly. If they take another 6-10 months to complete balance flats, it will be a nuisance to those living at Synergy.
2. Prepare a detailed 'punch' list (deficiency list) and take it up in the monthly/fortnight meetings with MDPL. Some of them are:
- Leakages in top floor/basement (which are exposed to rain water).It should be noted that, as per agreement MDPL shall have one year warranty for the defects in the building structure. Hence we should observe any leakage during rain and association should inform formally to MDPL to rectify the same.
- Broken staircase tiles to be replaced.
- Broken walk-way tiles to be replaced.
3.Verify all the approvals. Few important approvals are listed below:
- NOC from Pollution Control Board (before and after construction): This will have capacity/quality requirements of Water Treatment Plant & Sewage Treatment plant based on number of flats as per NBC-2005 guidelines (National Building Code is issued by Bureau of Indian Standard, requirements of which the builder is supposed to comply with).
- NOC from Fire & Safety Department: Giving details of Fire fighting systems requirements.
- DTCP approval
- Completion certificates from all concerned authorities.
- Verify our Flat Saleable/Carpet/Plinth/UDS areas.
4.Form a Forum for Mantri Synergy Owners/Tenants and communicate with all owners/tenants (all the things like agenda/date of meeting, results of our follow-up for previous meeting etc). We are not getting any intimation on the association meetings. Even we are not aware of name/contact details of association core group members. There are People like me who could not shift immediately due to various personal reasons. However as owners of flat, who are contributing equally to the maintenance of the society (without using it), we are entitled to know efforts/results of association. It appears that association intends to communicate to only those living at Synergy, since we came to know about meetings only through Mr.GVK’s blog/facebook and through few friends.
Hope association will communicate to all owner’s / tenants through email & SMS. Our common-floor forum can be used for this (since it is free and restricted to owners/tenants only). If for any reason association is not willing to communicate through common-floor, they should develop another forum (with all owners/tenants as member) or at least communicate through PropCare.
My intention of writing this mail is not to criticize those taking efforts (many of them I don’t know personally), but to handle things in more transparent and effective way.
A209, Mantri Synergy

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