Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pongal schedule at Mantri's

Mantri's front-yard where we plan to do kolam and hold pongal brunch.
Sunday, Jan.15
8.00 a m: Kolam by residents (more ,the merrier; men can try their hand at rangoli).
8.45 a m : Community tree-planting
9.00 a m: Pongal cooking (volunteers welcome for community cooking; so are others, to watch them at work)
10.30 a m: Pongal brunch at front lawn (what we cook in community pot, supplemented by home-made pongal brought by families)
11.15 a m: Surprise for kids
I wouldn't second-guess the surprise Mr Ujjal Mukherjee and friends have in mind. However, I would like to see our 'fun club' organize pot-painting along the driveway, like the one we had for Children's Day. With lot more children joining us in the recent weeks, pot-painting by children may well turn out to be a lot more fun for parents.
A riot of colours
A finger touch
Lending a helping hand
Black is beautiful
The photos from the Nov.13 event are published to give parents a sense of possibilities.If you feel like having more of this on Pongal Day, please call:
Ujjal: 9840119444 (E-803)
Ram : 9962522868 (H-205)
Sunil: 8939230491 (D-402)

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