Monday, January 9, 2012

7Qs for working women

1.How many hours do you work in a week? Are you able to stay long & work at odd hours in the office.
2.How many hours per day do you spend taking care of family?
3.Do you have a sense of guilt when you choose your career over parenthood/family?
4.Have you turned down opportunities because it required a transfer or travel?
5.Do you have a mentor? If yes, how did you find the mentor?
6.How much time do you spend every week networking with your colleagues?
7.What does it take to succeed in a company like which you are working for?

I stumbled on this in a blogpost by Kavitha Rajendran, a software professional.In fact,I was searching for her gardening post, after reading about her green balcony (15ft by 10 ft) on which she grows amaranth, sorrel, curry leaves, 'pirandai' and 'karpuravalli'. A partial sunlight would do,to raise these plants.
A Google search led me to a no less interesting blogpost on life-lessons working women can learn for proper work-life balance. However, I couldn't locate the post I was looking for in Kavitha's Musings - on balcony garderning.

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  1. Hey GVK - Thanks for your reference to my blog. Priya raju is the person behind all those well researched questions. Credit goes to her. Her twitter id is @PriyaRaju. Blog is

    Pls find my gardening blog as below. Hope it helps. Just an amateur trying out balcony gardening whenever I get the interest and the time.

    Thanks again.