Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Calling Mantrivasis for R-Day events

In true Mantri spirit Ujjal and friends - Ramkumar and Sunil - have lined up for us Republic Day events tomorrow (Wednesday)
Flag hoisting - 8.30 a m
Sports,pot-painting - 8.45 onwards
Mantri front lawns

Ujjal(E-803) 9840119444
Ram (H-205) 9962522868
Sunil(D-402) 8939230491

What I like about the R-Day line-up is its focus on children. As my friend Ujjal put it, Mantri parents are requested to bring their children along. No speeches to bore them.Organisers offer sweets instead. There is more to R-Day than speeches and flag-raising. It is about celebrating Indian-ness. Communities such as Mantri's help us develop a conducive mindset. Events such as Pongal, Christmas, and R-Day provide us with a pretext to come together as a community - as Mantrivasis, rather than as Madarasi, Marathi or a Malyalee, Bihari, or Bengalee.

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