Saturday, January 7, 2012

Folk Dances On Pongal


Karagam is a folk dance of Tamil Nadu. It is basically a rural dance which is done along with music either individually or in a pair of two. It is basically a performance of balancing a pot on the head. It is of two types- Aatta Karagam and the other 'Sakthi Karagam'.

Kummi is one of the most popular dances that are performed on the occasion of Pongal. It is also one of the most ancient dances of Tamil Nadu and it is said that it evolved as a dance form even before music. It is a group dance in which women stand in a circle and dance clapping their hands rhythmically to lifting songs.

Mayil Attam
This is also one interesting kind of dance performed by the girls of the state on auspicious occasions. In this dance, the dancer is supposedly dressed as a peacock, with peacock feathers and a sparkling head-dress complete with a beak.

Oyil Kummi
Oyil Kummi is an ancient folk dance form of the state. It is very popular in Trichi, Salem, Dharmapuri, Coimbatore and Periyar districts. This dance is performed exclusively by men without any musical instruments except the ankle-bells. This is popularly performed during all the temple festivals.

Kali Attam
Kali Attam is a folk dance of Tamil Nadu that is performed by both men and women during auspicious days, weddings and joyous festivals like Pongal. Kali literally means joy or fun and games and the dance of Kali Attam is very much a reflection of its name. It is performed along with a stick and is very much an exhibition of quickness and alertness.

Puli Attam
Puli Attam is another Tamilk folk dance that is performed on temple festivals and auspicious occasions like Pongal. This is an entertaining dance form with the main dancer dressed like a lion.

 If there are any residents in Mantri Synergy who can perform any of this dance on our Pongal festival 2012 , please come up and we will all be glad to see these dances.

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