Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ramp at Mantri's shop

I wish they make it a bit wider, for easy movement of shopping carts. And one hopes the Mantri project team answers our plea. For it is relatively easier now, to widen its width while the ramp is still under construction.
Anyway, it is nice to see some work in progress regarding the ramp at our clubhouse stores. We first raised the need for such a ramp in May last to facilitate those of us with knee trouble who have problem negotiating a staircase. A ramp would help people such as my mother, who at 93 uses a walker.She can't visit the clubhouse shop now.
Besides, a ramp would enable us to take shopping cart right up to our apartments, instead of relying on the shop assistant for home delivery. All that storekeeper needs to do is depute someone to retrieve shopping carts from apartment towers.

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