Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tree-planting @ Kelambakkam balwadi

 Balwadi teacher Mary Kumar planting the first sapling at their front lawn.
Some of us at Mantri Synergy celebrated R-day twice  today. After the flag-hoisting ceremony in front of D Block we drove to Kelambakkam to take part at a tree-planting event organized by a local youth group. Their leader D Stalin invited OMR Greens to plant a sapling at the front yard of the Balwadi on Kovalam Road.
Among OMR Greens members from Mantri's were Mr Viswanathan and his wife Chitra.
It was his birthday, and Mr Viswanathan was invited to plant a sapling by the Kelambakkam youths. I am sure the Viswanathans wouldn't forget such guesture. And whenever the couple pass through Kovalam Road at Kelambakkam they would have a special reason for dropping in at the Balwadi, if only to see how the sapling Mr Viswanathan has planted is coming up.
Another Mantri resident, and OMR Greens founding member, was so touched on hearing about  the state of Balwadi's upkeep that he sanctioned right away  the cost for a cupboard. He also offered to pay for drawing books and things the children need. The govt. run balwadi has on its rolls 25 children in the 2 - 5 age group.
Their teacher Mary Kumar who planted the first of the four saplings on the front yard of Balwadi assured us that she and her children would water the plants and take care of them, if only the saplings can be protected from stray cattle.
A prominent resident and owner of Saravana Medicals, B Kumar, offered to fix a gate to prevent entry of stray cattle. A secured gate can also to prevent after-hours  use of the front lawn for late night drinking by undesirable elements.Youth leader Stalin said  his boys had, earlier in the morning morning, cleaned the lawn that was littered with empty quarters and used plastic sachets.
Panchaya president Venkatesan who shows up at every OMR Greens event planted a sapling along with Saravana Medicals Kumar.
YouTube on  Tree-planting by panchayat chief
Tree-planting at Kelambakkam balwadi

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  1. Dear all,

    Much appreciated, Your service activities are really nice, I am working in TCS and staying at Kelambakkam, Kindly give me a SMS in future about your events so that We can join with you in upcoming activities.

    We group of youngster joined together based on Anna Hazare's India Against Corruption movement.

    Our recent activities are,
    1. SAVE OUR SISTERS rally on Dec 25th at Velachery 100 feet road

    2. "AVOID-PLASTICS" awareness campaign at Kelambakkam Market on Jan 27th.

    Jai hind!!
    Sureshkumar M,
    V R Volunters (Facebook grp).