Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kanpur Rani Joins Kelambakkam Walk

Kanpur Rani (front row, right)  is not a name one would easily forget. But it isn't because of her name  OMR Greens cherishes  her participation at our Kelambakkam 'Awareness' Walk  today Sunday (Jan.20). It was our first public event in 2013; and indeed the first of its kind since OMR Greens was launched in September last. Walkers included Kelambakkam residents, and a group of Hindustan University students and staff members led by assistant professor Geethadevi .She is an old hand for us at OMR Greens. Geethadevi had led a similar group from Hindustan University when we went trash-busting at Padur over 3 months back.

Kanpur Rani is on the staff Hindustan University. Her presence at the walk is significant because she chose to join us against doctor's orders - he prescribed bed rest. And she needed to be particularly careful. Ms Kanpur is in a family way. Which  prompted our colleague Gopalan Ramanujum to observe that at  OMR Greens we have all age-groups represented, even a child unborn. I told him, we  shouldn't be surprised if the mother-to-be, nick-named Kanpur names  her child after 'Kelambakkam'.  Such was Kanpur Rani's enthusiasm for OMR Greens Kelambakkam Walk. Her drive, and determination, to contribute to our cause  made our day.

Akilan Rajendran, a student participant, e-mailed us saying it was  'a gud programme...hats off, sir'. We solute him and his college mates for making our Walk a lively affair. A bunch of local youths led by Stalin led us through the bylanes of Kelambakkam, much to the surprise and amusement residents. On the way we were joined by Stephen,  a local AIADMK party functionary, and Dhev, a Dalit social activist. And then we had  Kelambakkam panchayat chief G Venkatesan marking his presence, despite his pre-occupation with monitoring  polio-drops admin. centres set up at strategic points.

 "A wonderful program,....very useful for our society. Our next program would have more participation," so says D. Strugle Stalin, our man in Kelambakkam. He suggests we plant trees this Jan.26, making the Republic Day a 'green day'. Dhev wanted OMR Greens reps. to address  his community members. Though our strength didn't exceed 40, watching us moving about with placards a by-stander asked if we had police permission to take out the procession.
None of us had thought of it.

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