Friday, January 18, 2013

Wall painters @ Padur

She may not even pass by their street, to notice the mega writings on the wall, but the local party functionaries at Padur on OMR have covered all available wall space in their area with messages of birthday greetings to the AIADMK supremo and the state CM, addressed, simply, as Mudhalvar Amma.
Painters and poster artists are engaged in  strength to do the walls  in celebration of Ms Jayalalithaa's birthday on Feb.24.
Work is in progress on the outer wall of a farmland,  stretching from Hindustan University campus to the edge of Padur market . The painter says he has been retained to do five such walls along  OMR, within the panchayat limits. It will take days, if not weeks; and the three-man painting crew at Padur has made an early start,  more than a month before the CM's birthday.
My plea to the partymen: While doing  the wall painting  you could also engage some people to clean up the space in front of the painted wall. This would do the road-users much good.

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