Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mantri association by-laws: Membership

Wish to share with you operative parts of association by-laws awaiting AGM approval.Membership enrollment:
Persons desirous of becoming member shall make an application in the prescribed form and submit it to the secretary with proof of ownership
Every member, shall be required to deposit a sum of Rs.1000/- or higher as may be decided by the General Body, with the Association to serve as Reserve Fund for such use as may be decided by the General Body at its Annual General Meeting.
Any member intending to sell his apartment shall notify the association in the prescribed form
Each member will be given a copy of the Byelaws. Each tenant can also get a copy of the same on payment of Rs.50
Every member who lets out the flat shall file with the association a copy of the of the lease agreement disclosing the flat number name of tenant, period of lease/tenancy agreement
It shall always be the responsibility of the owner concerned to keep the Association informed in writing about the change of occupancy of his flat if it is not occupied by the owner himself
Every new occupant or tenant shall be bound by these byelaws, rules and regulations


  1. Hello Sir. I am Rajesh Prakasam, owner of B-1103 and interested in being part of the association. I was checking with Propcare as to how I will be communicated of the next associaton meetings like AGM or decision making meetings. Are they expected to email all owners this info?

    1. The ad hoc committee set up the date. They would presumably e-mail members; and also paste notices at the clubhouse and lift-bay in every block. We would publish the date here, when we get to know.