Thursday, March 8, 2012

Random shots @ Mantri,OMR

Some photos I took at random on a walk around Mantri complex.
Sunrise.Yes,that's an airplane, junked, parked at the backyard of Hindustan University.
A clutter of commodes at the basement parking lot.
Another shot of the parking lot,with a leaky patch.
Paver-blocks cover all available open space. Mantri project people and landscape architect, Mr Sekar James, have ignored our repeated plea to allocate space for Mantri residents community planting programme.
What is worse,they wouldn't even leave breathing space - a foot or two unpaved - around these coconut trees. Such is Mantri's drive to convert open space into car park slots for sale.
Ramp to the grocery store could have been a foot wider, for easy movement of shopping cart. The turn at the bottom of the ramp sharp and too narrow.
We know Mantri project people would clean up this mess before they leave. But they appear to be taking their time, with no one to ask questions.
This lot across the road isn't Mantri's making. It is a contributory effort, and a public garbage dump in the making. Children's school bus halt at here to pick up students in the morning.
We need the Ugly Indian to address the issue.
Listen in to this 5-min. BBC radio interview with an Ugly Indian.

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  1. We can still continue community pots..we can plant smaller plants that can grow indoors and use those potted plants to adorn our lift lobbies.