Friday, March 16, 2012

MaSOA AGM: Let's go for election

A new dawn over Mantri Synergites
It is clear that the ad hoc committee doesn't have the endorsement of Mantri apartment owners. So an election is inevitable, to the management committee of Mantri Synergy Owners Association (Masoa).
Some flat owners, signing in as 'Group of Synergites' have group-emailed a panel of names for our consideration as candidates:
President - (Arvind Rajgopaul-H Block);
Vice-president - (Giri Sundaram-E);
Secretary - (Vasudevan Raghavan-B);
Treasurer - (Natarajan-E)
Present ad hoc committee:
T.P.Rajagoplan Nair-D (President);
R.Vasudevan-B (Vice President);
Ardhendu Chakraborti-F(Secretary);
R Gopalan-F (Treasurer)
Though there is no rule against it, an election on the basis of competing panels promotes group-ism. Which, I am sure, isn't the objective of Mantri Synergites. But their announcement of a panel of candidates makes them representatives of a group .And contesting groups in any poll fray mobilize support on the strength of competing agenda.
1) At Mantri Synergy we all belong to a single community, with a collective agenda. Groupism doesn't fit in with in our scheme of things, does it ?
2) Core office-bearers such as president and secretary, are not directly elected. The general body elects (maximum) a 20-member management committee - comprising block reps. - which, in turn, elects office-bearers - president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. Such is my reading of by-law 13 relating to 'management of the affairs of the association'.
3) Incidentally, association by-laws (including b-law 13), need to be adopted before election can be held. And as per the circulated agenda for April 1 general body, the election process is to be handled by PropCare. The general body decides the date of election.
4) PropCare, which has till date handled election to 8 associations (all in Bangalore), has standardized format for election notification, filing of nominations, submission of proxy forms, and the balloting process. Links to PropCare model formats can be accessed at our post - Mantri residents association: Electable members.
5)PropCare can come into the picture, if, and only if, the general body of apartment owners want them to facilitate our election process. Is there any reason why we shouldn't let PropCare conduct the association election ?
6)Operative points here is a) election is inevitable; b) the date has to be notified on April 1; and c) PropCare may be asked to issue notification and handle rest of the election process.

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