Sunday, March 18, 2012

A checklist for Mantri's handover

Information is sourced from Residents Inc
The date of handover from builder to the registered owners association is an important day .....detailed due diligence must be done when interacting with the builders during this handover process.
A check list that associations can use when in dialogue with the builder on the handover process:
1.Get approved building plan which includes block-wise and floor-wise details
2.Collect Completion Certificate which ensures adherence of the approved plan.
3.No Objection certificates from pollution, fire, water and electricity authorities.
4.Hard copy and soft copy (in CD) of all approved engineering drawings; look for approval seal on the drawings.
5.Registration and parent documents.
6.Drainage, sewage, Fire protection and common area power layout drawings.
7.Car parking layout drawings (with numbering).
8.Asset Inventory of all movable and immovable equipment purchased; numbered in order (list needs to be exhaustive).
9.Record of recent service history on key equipments like lifts, DG sets, STP and WTP.
10.AMC and warranty details; Original bills of equipment purchased (motors, Sewage and Water Treatment Plant, Generators, Gym items like treadmill).
11.Lift license details and next renewal date.
12.STP/WTP vendor details, plant layout, operation manual and drawings.
13.Receipts of property, electricity and water payments paid.
14.Handover of corpus amount to the association.
15.Share recent expenses incurred on various maintenance activities and account heads; will assist to budget coming year (staff salaries, purchase of cleaning material, swimming pool maintenance etc).
16.Contract signed with maintenance agency; agreed SLAs.
17.Insurance taken for assets and third party lift insurance.
18.Audited account statement at the time of handover.
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