Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mantri tree meet: Plea to ad hoc committee

I understand Mantri residents association ad hoc committee has on hand more pressing issues; I also understand the committee has lined up a strategy session at 11 a m tomorrow (Sunday) to address the issue of PropCare hike in maintenance charges.
However, the 18-member committee would strengthen residents solidarity, if its members could spare 15 mins. and join us at the memorial meeting at the the location where Mantri's felled three coconut trees the other day. I have no doubt ad hoc committee's presence at the memorial (no speeches) would send its own a message, to whoever calls the shot at Mantri's, that he/she cannot take us residents for granted.
Memorial Service (for dead and the dying trees)
Clubhouse Driveway (behind C Block)
9 a m to 9.15 a m
Sunday, March 25

Coffined in concrete, the trees appear to have been sentenced to death, Anarkali style, by Mantri's project team.
The trees (teak ?) near the car-wash area at Mantri Synergy have been programmed by Mantri's to go the way the coconut trees on grocery store driveway did. By concreting the floor(why, till the very edge?) Mantri project team have ensured that the trees do not have breathing/watering space.
I reckon it is now up to residents to save the trees. Anyone, with pick-axe and shovel? Any volunteer to do shramdan? Would request ad hoc committee to give permission to volunteers to crack open the concrete surface around the trees to give them breathing space.

Note: Residents have now another online forum for discussing issues related to Mantri Synergy - Residents Inc.

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