Friday, March 23, 2012

Driveway Car-park slots, an after-thought?

Mantri project team is working overtime to cover the clubhouse driveway with paver blocks, after felling three coconut trees, ignoring our pleas.
Plans are afoot to mark out more than 10 parking slots along the driveway. This appears an after-thought on the part of Mantri's space marketing minds.
This photo was taken in June last year. You can't miss the driveway demarcation line running along the row of three coconut trees. In fact, in response to my plea,I was given to understand by PropCare that Mantri project team in consultation with landscape architect was inclined to set aside this space for Mantri residents community-planting programme. Whatever happened since is not clear. The driveway is being paved and the coconut trees that marked the demarcation line (see June photo) are no longer there.
Apartment owner Madhumita,in a comment posted in this blog, alleged that Mantri's didn't submit,let alone get approval for, the plan for converting open space into a minimum of 200 open parking slots, making Rs.250 lakhs from apartment owners. Now that we can't undo the sale of car-park without prejudice to buyers,Mantri ought to transfer the money to its rightful owners - Mantri Apartment owners Association - suggests Madhumita.
We must remember to raise this point with the Association Managing committee when they initiate the take-over process from Mantri's.
Meanwhile, a reminder to residents about our Sunday programme:
Memorial Service to trees
Clubhouse Driveway
9.00 a m - 9.15 a m
Sunday, March 25

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