Sunday, March 11, 2012

RQ-4: Social code, enforced or evolved ?

Received a mail from a resident voicing the concerns of those who are not blog savvy - some moms and the elderly. The e-mail spoke of a group of youngsters moving about Mantri complex - drenched in colours, and far from sober - hooting and shouting on Holi evening - 8.15-8.30 p m. Later, the group - all boys - was seen leaving our complex in bikes and cars. Outsiders, are they ?
Recently, a 'D' block lift got stuck with two women and an infant inside, one evening. Internal mike/alarm in the lift didn't work. Delayed response,and further time lag in fixing the lift - 30 mins, in all - worked up emotions. The security staff, and PropCare faced the ire of residents; a few of them are said to have shouted at the staff, using abusive words. A security man said he was physically dragged and shouted at.
A while back, residents woke up late in the night,to loud bursting of fire-crackers from a Mantri terrace. It was not Diwali.
Thought of putting together these instances, not to nit-pick or apportion blame, but to engage and interact, online, on social norms that we need to adopt. The relevant by-law of Mantri Synergy Owners Association says, "An owner (or his tenant) shall take care not to cause any excessive noise through the use of musical instrument, radio, television etc as to disturb the peace of co-owners/residents".
Question: Should the social norms we adopt be written into by-laws, or evolved through convention and socially-correct practices.

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  1. I believe by-laws should be included.
    But again, I can totally understand the frustration of residents being upset with issues here. Even we are. Propcare is by far the worst managed company I have seen to date.
    This evening my husband took or children to the pool and was told very rudely my 8 year old son (who is a confident swimmer) he is not allowed in the big pool and he must swim in the kids pool. My question is, why does it matter to Mr. Sivakumar where my son swims if he is being watched and swimming with my husband? Why does this so called manager feel the need to speak rudely to tenants and can only yell at us and then demands to only speak to or Landord regarding concerns my husband has with the property,i.e., pool cleaning, being stuck in the lift and trying to get in touch with the watchmen at the gate who refuse to answers calls? To me it seems like prop care can only yell at residents and find faults but are also unwilling to listen to complaints. But then again, propcare is not bothered if an owner of a flat brings 20+ guests to use the pool and not in proper swimming attire. Is this the kind of residential community they are trying to project? If your an owner then your actions can be over looked with a blind eye and if your a tenet you have all the rights to be spoken to rudely and therefore not have your rights acknowledged? So yes for a peaceful and transparent living for all,I think common rules for all should be in place. Also if you don't mind, who is the manager over sivakumar?