Monday, April 23, 2012

Oru Kal, Erandu Maangai

Sunday summer afternoons are not designed for shopping for saplings. But we were anxious to get things moving,  so that our plans for this Saturday ( April 28 ) don't get shot down by some wise guy who comes up with five reasons why we can't plant four saplings to celebrate the first elected executive to Mantri apartments association.
So Sourav (C-block), Rahul(D) and I took a drive along ECR in search of a nursery; and found what we were looking for,  after half-hour drive in punishing heat.
And at the toll-gate on the Kelambakkam turning,  they don't show consideration for local residents going shopping at an ECR nursery at Muthukadu village. We were billed Rs.45 as toll-charge, for a trip to a neibourhood nursery to buy  saplings worth less than Rs.350.  We aren't complaining ; merely mentioning that rules are made not for people, but  for someone's profit..  Irony was that the chap at the toll gate took back the receipt he had given us, as we returned from our shopping trip. Which made us wonder if  the toll-gate guy who threw the rule-book at us  recycled  our Rs.45-receipt by giving it to someone else.
But for this irritant, we felt fairly pleased at having done what we set out to do. Shopping for saplings proved less costly and more satisfactory than we had anticipated. So we felt we deserved a  treat, and treated ourselves to something chilled  at Kovalam beach (see photos uploaded in Mantri synergy site). The beach was much too crowded, being a Sunday.  The boy at a private parking lot doubled the charges to Rs.20.
Sourav, Rahul and I have decided  to share expenses,  though we aren't going to turn down offers from others who wish to chip in. Unlike on earlier tree-planting, when PropCare arranged for saplings, and the digging at their expense, we are this time  paying  for it all the from our contributions, to make it truly  a Mantri residents contributory celebrations. . .
We have bought two mango, two sapota and a gauva saplings, to be planted on the poolside lawns on Saturday (April 28), at 4.30 p m. The lady at the nursery told us the plants would start giving fruits in five years.  By 2017 we can count on growing our own variety of mango, - GiriHari - ;sapota - , Vasupota; and guava - Indugava. Celebration of EC members this way, we believe, would help spread greater awareness about our community tree-planting programme. You could say, we are  'killing two birds with one stone'. Oru kal, Erandu Maangai, is how we say it in Tamil.

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