Monday, April 23, 2012

Spray & pray mosquito repellent

Spray it on suspected mosquito hideouts in your bedroom , and pray they don't wake up before you do in the morning. Eric Rodrigues who markets a herbal-based spray says it  doesn't kill mosquitoes; the spray merely puts them in coma,  for 10 to 12 hours.  Eric would suggest you spray the bedroom, say 30 minutes before bed-time, so that mosquitoes in your room are already in coma by the time you turn in.
Spray it in spurts with a press of your finger. Three or four sprays under the bed, behind curtain, cupboard, bedside table, under sofa etc. - would hopefully work on mosquitoes in the room. Pay attention to nooks and corners in bathroom attached to your bedroom, says Mr Rodrigues, who stays in Kotturpuram, and uses herbal spray.
Three days of  nook & corner spraying would do. From Day 4 you need to spray only a few times in the air.  A 100 Ml bottle, they say, should give you 350-400 sprays; and last for about six weeks  in a two-bedroom apartment.
The 'chota'  bottle in the photo is  for application on body (spray and rub over exposed limbs). You can carry it for use on children in park or play area. The herbal spray is a concoction of neem and a few other natural oils. Those marketing the spray say the herbal oil mix  is the result of research done by Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Lucknow. They supply oil that is  bottled in Bangalore by the trading company. The spray, they say,  has established a market presence in Bangalore.
Chennai is their next stop.  I offered to share info. in this blog, if they give  sample bottles for Mantri residents. The company has sent five sample sets (for three-day trial). Call me at D-901 (29856055), if you wish to give the herbal spray a chance.  If it works,  call company representative  Mr Eric Rodrigues at 9382157641 
Company website: StrategiLab

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