Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Growing mango, guava on terrace

Mantri's landscape architect would have us believe we can't have much of tree cover in our central park, which is landscaped over the basement parking lot. But reading about what Mr M S Muralidharan has accomplished on his terrace at Santhome should set us thinking outside the box. He has grown mango,  guava and sapota trees on his terrace.
Those of us living in high-rises on OMR, with landscaped area above underground parking lot,  have a message here, if we are willing to look beyond what landscape architects prescribe. Lord knows we could do with lots more tree-cover than we have at Mantri Synergy. And it would be a bonus, if we can plant fruit-bearing trees within our complex. Should plant a tree- or two, as a pilot  programme, on top of basement landscaped area.
Referring to growing mango on the terrace, The Hindu says, " M.S. Muralidharan has given a new spin to terrace gardening. His house in MRC Nagar is crowned by a cluster of green — an eight-ft-tall mango tree that has grown out of a thick and broad patch of earth placed on the terrace. Bearing an abundance of fruits at present, the tree is the wow factor of the house".

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