Friday, April 27, 2012

Ladies prefer a male tailor

Women at  Mantri Synergy can have this cloth sent to them from Surat in three days. And Anuja (H-205) can get it for them. It's pure cotton, she says. But then they have to get it stitched themselves . Each chudidar set ordered  comes  with a photo of the design  for reference by tailors.
Most women buying chudidar sets have their own tailor. And I have known women going miles, even to other towns, to have their outfit stitched,  though tailors are found in every neighbourhood. Anuja at Mantri's, I understand,  gets her tailoring done from a  professional at Adyar.
My wife gets her blouses stitched from a tailor at Vidyaranyapuram, Mysore, though the chap never delivers on time. At times, the cloth she hands in for stitching during a Mysore visit doesn't get done until our subsequent trip. Her elder sister, at Kotturpuram , relies on Murugesan, a tailor at Mylapore.
This is something neither my wife nor her sister would explain. Why do they, and most other women I know go to a male tailor ? It is because ladies prefer a male tailors those specializing   in chudidar and other women's outfit are mostly men. Mrs Geetha Viswanathan (C-block) can correct me if  this isn't so. She can tell us if more men than women sign up for tailoring courses in her school of fashion technolgy , Adyar.
Anyway, Anuja has a friend in fashion textiles in Surat, who has sent a consignment of chudidar sets. And she would be happy to share what she has with others at Mantri, and also take orders for delivery from Surat,  to be made in three days. A chudidar set costs a little over Rs.500 and one could choose from a catalogue of over 80 designs.
Anuja - Apt. H-205, Mantri Synergy - can be contacted at 044 29856074

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