Sunday, April 1, 2012

Residents propose, Mantri disposes

When Mantri's moved children's play area from here (it's another story) we presumed this space would be suitably landscaped. Some of us suggested we plant a tree or two and put up a picnic table and benches for the retired to hang out during day; and in the evening, the space can double up as a chaat corner.
Mantri's has apparently other ideas. We need to act, for what it is worth, before Mantri's pave the space with cement tiles (no shade), and, presumably, parcel it into car park slots for sale. For all you know, they might have already sold the space. In which case, the newly elected management body of the association should press the claim on the sale proceeds.
By way of residents action, it was suggested that the residents participating in pickaxe action yesterday (Sat.) should march as a group to the office of Mantri project chief to talk about their plans for development of erstwhile play area near clubhouse. But then a mere handful of residents (my wife included) turned up for Saturday's meeting near the STP teak trees.
We dropped the plan for protest-march to Mantri project office in view of the poor turnout. Five of us going to the project office would amount to a mere representation. If we were 50, it would have been protest action.

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