Sunday, April 29, 2012

Poolside planting at Mantri on OMR

 Most Mantri residents missed out on Saturday's cozy family-like social gathering. The occasion was  community tree-planting. Advik, barely six months, marked his presence on clubhouse poolside as his mother Anuja planted a mango tree named after Advik, the second child to be born at Mantri Synergy. His sister Aadya, experienced in tree-planting, was there to help her mom do the planting.

And we had Pramud,a surprise visitor from Bangalore who came with his parents visiting Mantri's where they own an apartment. At our community planting, held after a long gap, we celebrated the first elected members of Mantri Synergy apartment owners association.

Treasurer Mrs Indumathy, secretary Mr R Vasudevan, and president Mr Giri Sundaram planted a sapling each.. Vice-president Mr Harinarayan expressed his inability to be present in view of his prior commitment out of town. We plan to get him plant a sapling sometime soon.

Resident horticulturist K S Arvind, with his gardening crew, volunteered their planting expertise and labour. Mr Arvind helped us identify spots for digging, and also advised us on the choice of sapling to be planted on each spot - two mango and guava were planted on the railings side of the lawn, while the two sapota plants flanked the park benches.

Sunday Santhai, a club for like-minded Mantri residents to trade ideas, info. and unvarnished gossip, thought of the tree-planting 'do' with a twin agenda - 1) to insure sympathy/support of the community for our crazy plans; and 2) to get some shade on the poolside lawns with tree-planting.    
Mr K Santharam (left in the photo) citing a Balachander movie (which one, would you know ?) writes -  It is not necessary that you should leave only your children after death. You can leave trees as well. They will live for several years like your children and the posterity will ever remember you.
Thank you,  Mr Santharam (A-202) for giving a lofty edge to an idea by 'a crazy foursome'  that met at our first Santhai.

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