Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kalakkal at Kotturpuram

This is not a OMR-specific post.But it should interest OMR residents. Maybe they could think of setting such joint in OMR neighbourhood. My reference is to Kalakkal Cafe, a happening place that functions at a Kotturpuram school for the disabled. The unique cafe opens only twice a month - second and fourth Saturday.
The idea is for the disabled to have a place of their own, to invite others - office colleagues and friends - for snacks and music. The cafe is fitted with access ramp, has menu cards in Braile. It is a place where the disabled socialize with the rest of us on an equal footing.
An initiative by Vidya Sagar school,where its physiotherapy room is used for the cafe, Kalakkal is run by volunteers - Accenture employees volunteering at the cafe on two days a month. Winners Bakery supplies snacks at subsidised rates. Young musicians volunteer to play at the cafe's jam-session.

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