Monday, April 16, 2012

A Tamil blogger at Mantri Synergy

S V Saibaba (F-802) who has moved in at Mantri Synergy recently is a retired bank executive (we have quite a few in the complex) with interest in gardening, movies, books and blogging. Which makes two of us, bloggers in the complex. Mr Saibaba  is one better, in fact - he blogs in Tamil as well.
As someone who shares  his interest in reading, I would invite him to join our online book club - Mantri Synergy Book Group.
Mr Saibaba's Tamil blogposts make fascinating reading and cover varied subjects such as the significance of dots in  Kolum ; the games Sangam Tamils played (he lists 36); Visalini, a 10-year-old Tamil girl who holds a Guinnes record; and how cyclone Thane came to be so named.
Saibaba's blogs:
En Iniya Tamizh Ulagum
Knowledge Sharing

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  1. Dear GVK
    Thank you for your nice introduction and will be most happy if the members join/visit my blogs and give their valuable comments