Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kelambakkam dump yard

There is no way you can ignore this  eyesore, a few minutes drive from Kelambakkam on way to  ECR/Kovalam beach.  If you happen to miss the  sight, the stench would draw your attention to it. A steady stream of people driving past, on a daily basis, do just that - drive past this ever extending garbage dump. 
A couple of residential blocks  are coming up,  not far from this spot. The garbage dump is located within a few minutes drive from the Kelambakkam  main street. And yet no one appears unduly bothered. The response of  residents we met during OMR Greens Kelambakkam Walk  was one of  helplessness

.Social activist Stalin, alleging that the main culprit is the panchayat body, says his representation signed by a group of residents and submitted to the area police chief and health inspector has evoked no response.

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