Monday, February 25, 2013

Lakeside Photowalk

Would like to hear from amateur camera enthusiasts who wish to join OMR Greens on a  PhotoWalk this weekend along the lake behind ETA Rosedale.
Idea is to capture images of the recyclable garbage discarded on the lakeside. An album of such photos would be published in Facebook, as a run up to the OMR Greens Recyclables Retrival Day.
Our plan is to mobilize a group of students, equipped with garbage bags, for a lakeside recyclables collection, on a specifed date (say March 10 or 17). Plastic bottles, cardboard, paper etc. so collect would be sold to raddiwalahs. And the proceeds would go the rag-picker families we have identified at Padur.
To-do list for OMR Greens:
1) Contact local municipal school for mobilsing student voluntters.
2) Shop for sponsors to pay for gloves and polythene garbage bags.
3) Connect with Hindustan University civil engineering faculty for drafting project report and cost estimates for barbed wire fencing on strategic segments around the lake; and for construction of public toilets, with piped water from the lake, for the benefit of those who now use lakeside bushes.
The project report, prepared by the university faculty, would be taken up with relevant authorities.

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